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Schwanek Capillary Gym

What is Capillary Gym?
Capillary Gym is an effective method to encourage hair growth with a scientific basis.
It is a set of natural techniques, applied using kinesiology techniques.
The principles through which it acts are similar to gymnastics.
Obviously hair cannot be exercised, but you can exercise the scalp, which is where the roots that produce the hair are lodged.

Why is there a hair lost?
The life and growth of the hair depend on its roots. The only means by which the roots are nourished is through the blood supply of the scalp.
There are many causes the most frequent being stress and genetics.
The scalp loses its natural thickness and mobility, becomes rigid on the skull.
This causes compression of the network of capillaries in the region and a decrease in blood supply.
The roots become restricted causing a loss of blood supply and therefore nutrition. Increasingly the hair becomes weak and hair loss occurs resulting in thinning or bald patches

How does Capillary Gym work?
Capillary Gym:
Loosens and returns the elasticity and mobility of the scalp,
Improve blood supply: As the normal mobility and elasticity of the scalp recovers, this tissue regains their thickness.
The increased blood supply ensures the hair follicle receives an increased blood supply and therefore increased nutrition, which stimulates hair growth.